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Personal Work

Art War - Opal Eater

Thread on CubeBrush | View model in 3D on ArtStation

Art WAr - Opal Eater Face closeup Art WAr - Opal Eater Front Art WAr - Opal Eater Back Art WAr - Opal Eater Details Art WAr - Opal Eater Wires Art WAr - Opal Eater Textures

Zoonoid's Cute Girl

Original concept by Konstantin Maystrenko | View 3D model in Marmoset Viewer

Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Turns Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Turns Wires Zoonoid's Cute Girl - P90 Zoonoid's Cute Girl - P90 Wires Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Bag Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Bag Wires Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Textures
Guild Wars 2

Work that has currently been released for Guild Wars 2, unreleased content currently under NDA, Models © ArenaNet

Leystone Armor Bladed Armor - Heavy Guild Armor - Light Glorious Hero's Armor - Heavy Glorious Hero's Armor - Medium Guild Wars 2 Hairstyles

Download - PDF DOC


Keywords Studios | Lakshya Digital - 10/2015 - Present
3D Artist

  • Worked with outsourcing to polish and direct 3d models to meet the strict specifications of AAA clients
  • Created pipelines and workflows to streamline asset creation on a tight timeline to efficiently meet AAA client expectations
  • Understood and adapted, technical pipelines of several clients to provide the most aesthetically and efficient assets possible
  • Created 3d assets to be the quality bar for outsourcing

ArenaNet - 4/2014 - 4/2015
Character Art Intern

  • Created Armor, and Hairstyles for Guild Wars 2 and it’s first expansion: Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns

Sword and Spirit Software - 10/2011 - 8/2016
Freelance Character Artist

  • Freelance for work an indie horror game where I’m in charge of making 3d characters from concept to high poly sculpts and game-ready models.

Crivella West - 4/2011 - 9/2013
Graphic/Web Designer

  • Maintained website code and graphics, developed UI prototypes for company’s flagship product


  • Low and high poly 3D modeling using 3D Studio Max and Maya
  • Sculpting high resolution meshes in Zbrush
  • Retopology and per-pixel painting in 3D-Coat
  • Concept ideation, digital painting, 3d textures and graphic design using Photoshop
  • Engine work using Unreal 4
  • Project management using SCRUM and Agile methodology


Character Art Boot Camp - 5/2012 - 8/2012

  • Was part of an intensive 8 week character art course taught by industry professionals that was designed to strengthen 3d modeling and texturing skills

Art Institute of Pittsburgh - 8/2007- 8/2010

  • Game Art and Design Bachelors of Science

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