Alexandra Jackson

Character Artist

Personal Work

Zoonoid's Cute Girl

Original concept by Konstantin Maystrenko | View 3D model in Marmoset Viewer

Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Turns Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Turns Wires Zoonoid's Cute Girl - P90 Zoonoid's Cute Girl - P90 Wires Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Bag Zoonoid's Cute Girl - Bag Wires
Guild Wars 2

Work that has currently been released for Guild Wars 2, unreleased content currently under NDA, Models © ArenaNet

Leystone Armor Bladed Armor - Heavy Guild Armor - Light Glorious Hero's Armor - Heavy Glorious Hero's Armor - Medium Guild Wars 2 Hairstyles
Low-Poly Work

Lin Beifong

Lin Beifong from The Legend of Korra ©2012 - 2014 nickelodeon

Lin Beifong Low Poly Lin Beifong Low Poly Breakdown

Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon Low Poly

Teddy Bear Stick

Original concept by Tamara Bakhlycheva

Bear Stick Weapon

Download - PDF DOC


Keywords Studios | Lakshya Digital - 10/2015 - Present
3D Artist

  • Worked with outsourcing to polish and direct 3d models to meet the strict specifications of AAA clients
  • Created pipelines and workflows to streamline asset creation on a tight timeline to efficiently meet AAA client expectations
  • Understood and adapted, technical pipelines of several clients to provide the most aesthetically and efficient assets possible
  • Created 3d assets to be the quality bar for outsourcing

ArenaNet - 4/2014 - 4/2015
Character Art Intern

  • Created Armor, and Hairstyles for Guild Wars 2 and it’s first expansion: Guild Wars 2 - Heart of Thorns
  • Spearheaded efforts with design, and other character artists to solve a pipeline setback and creative a cohesive design across an armor set
  • Helped create more efficient workflows that could be used for team members and myself, to help create consistent, aesthetically pleasing assets

Sword and Spirit Software - 10/2011 - 8/2016
Freelance Character Artist

  • Freelance for work an indie horror game where I’m in charge of making 3d characters from concept to high poly sculpts and game-ready models.

Crivella West - 4/2011 - 9/2013
Graphic/Web Designer

  • Maintained website code and graphics, developed UI prototypes for company’s flagship product


  • Low and high poly 3D modeling using 3D Studio Max and Maya
  • Sculpting high resolution meshes in Zbrush
  • Retopology and per-pixel painting in 3D-Coat
  • Concept ideation, digital painting, 3d textures and graphic design using Photoshop
  • Engine work using Unreal 4
  • Project management using SCRUM and Agile methodology


Character Art Boot Camp - 5/2012 - 8/2012

  • Was part of an intensive 8 week character art course taught by industry professionals that was designed to strengthen 3d modeling and texturing skills

Art Institute of Pittsburgh - 8/2007- 8/2010

  • Game Art and Design Bachelors of Science

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